Dream workshops for kids that will launch them into hearing and understanding how God speaks to them through dreams.  It’s a super fun way to learn about dreams as well as being very helpful with things like overcoming nightmares and interpreting their own dreams.  Topics can be flexible and determined together with the host.  Workshops are great additions to kids conferences or other similar events.  The workshop is free.  If you would like to schedule a workshop, fill out the form at the bottom of this page!


“Created to Dream” – We’ll talk about God’s perfect design for our bodies and how it includes the need to dream. We’ll also talk about three reasons why God created us for dreaming.

  • Activation: “Jacob’s Ladder” – The kids will learn about an interesting dream Jacob had and then get to practice dreaming like Jacob did!

“Sources of our Dreams” & “Right Responses” – We’ll look at what the three sources of dreams are and what our responses should be to each source.

  • Activation: “Messages to God” – Kids will get to send God a message about how they would like to start responding to their dreams. They will even get to put their messages in a mailbox!

“Joy of Journaling” – Kids will learn why it’s so important that we write down our dreams, what details we should include, and creative ways of recording them.

  • Activation: “Dream Bags” – Kids will make dream bags to take home and leave by their beds at night.

Bridge to Our Dreams” & “Visions and Visionaries” –  Kids will learn how powerful their imaginations are and how it helps them with their dreams. We’ll also be talking about visions in the Bible and the difference between visions and dreams.

  • Activation: “Seeing 20/20” – We’ll be asking the Holy Spirit to give us the ability to see more clearly all He wants to show us through visions and in dreams.

“Bye, Bye Bad Dreams” – Nightmares affect most children to some degree. We’ll be talking about why we have bad dreams and how we can be victorious in our dreams.

  • Activation: “Using Your Weapon” – The kids will be learning how to use the name of Jesus as a weapon to end their nightmares.

“Unlocking the Mystery” – The kids will be learning about dream language, symbolism, and other keys to solving the mysteries of dream interpretation.

  • Activation: “Live Dream Interpretations” – The kids will get to practice interpreting each other’s dreams.



  • Recommended ages are 6-12 yrs. but can be flexible.
  • Registration will be required for purchasing supplies.
  • Name tags for the children are helpful.
  • Church is responsible for providing workers to help with the children and deal with disciplinary issues.
  • Having someone available from your church to lead songs and games for the children makes for a well rounded workshop.
  • Each session includes exciting visuals and interaction with the kids.
  • Breaks are taken between each session.
  • The cost of the workshop is free.
  • The hosting church or group will be asked to find a host home for Stacey to stay at to reduce traveling expenses for her.
  • The host will receive a free PDF version of “Encounters in the Night” so the teaching can continue after the workshop.