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cropped-12662040_10206589578116198_8562494722818490452_n1.jpgEncounters in the Night is a 12 week curriculum written for classrooms that will help you guide children though the world of dreams and prepare their hearts to receive visitations from God in the night seasons. It will also serve as a guide for children who are hearing other voices at night by giving them tools to overcome nightmares and gain authority in their dreams.

Lesson 1— Created to Dream / Lesson 2— Finding the Source / Lesson 3— Joy of Journaling / Lesson 4— Right Responses / Lesson 5— Types of Dreams / Lesson 6— Visions and Visionaries / Lesson 7— Bridge to our Dreams / Lesson 8— Bye, Bye Bad Dreams / Lesson 9— Unlocking the Mystery-Part 1 / Lesson 10—Unlocking the Mystery-Part 2 / Lesson 11—Becoming an End Times Dreamer / Lesson 12—Creating a Culture of Dreaming

Each lesson includes … Memory verse & game / Four teachings / Object lessons / Hearing God activity / Bible story / Review questions / Take home paper


Encounters in the Night – PDF $45 (contact seller directly)

Encounters in the Night – binder $35.00 (on sale right now) + $4.00 shipping (contact seller directly)

Encounters in the Night – softcover $59.95 w/free shipping. Click here to purchase.

Encounters in the Night (Spanish version) – PDF $45 (contact seller directly)

Encounters in the Night (Spanish version) – softcover $59.95 w/free shipping. Click here to purchase.

unlocking-the-mystery-of-childrens-dreams-front-and-back-coverUnlocking the Mystery of Children’s Dreams – Mysterious, comical, scary, perplexing, insightful … am I talking about dreams or children? The answer is both! When you put them together you have a combination that can make a grown man (or woman) cry! But dreams don’t have to be so complicated! God has given us keys to help unlock the mystery of not only our kids’ dreams, but our own dreams as well!

Chapter 1 – Created to Dream / Chapter 2 – But Why Dreams? /  Chapter 3 – Imagine That! / Chapter 4 – Reasons for Nightmares / Chapter 5 – Warriors in Training / Chapter 6 – Finding the Source / Chapter 7 – Discovering Dream Language / Chapter 8 – The Language of the Spirit / Chapter 9 – Mystery Solved!


Unlocking the Mystery Children’s Dreams – PDF $8 (contact seller directly)

Unlocking the Mystery of Children’s Dreams – paperback $9.99 w/free shipping.  Click here to purchase.

Culture of Dreaming - Front coverCulture of Dreaming: Family Workbook is eight weeks of exciting and engaging lessons for the whole family to discover together how God speaks through dreams and imagination. Each week contains five lessons, family activities and activations, bible stories, visuals, journal pages, coloring pages, and discussion questions. The format is “open and go” with minimal prep work needed. Discover the world of dreams together in this step-by-step workbook based on God’s word that makes learning about dreams creative and fun!

Week 1—Created to Dream / Week 2—Finding the Source / Week 3—Right Responses / Week 4—Bridge to Our Dreams / Week 5—Bye, Bye Bad Dreams / Week 6—Unlocking the Mystery / Week 7—Joy of Journaling / Week 8—Creating a Culture of Dreaming


Culture of Dreaming Family Workbook – paperback $25.00 w/free shipping.  Click to here to purchase.

Culture of Dreaming Family Workbook – PDF $20 (contact seller directly)

Note:  A second family workbook on dreams covering more topics will be released in spring of 2018!

front-cover-4.8.17-72-dpi-385x500[1]This totally unique five lesson curriculum is perfect for either a VBS (vacation Bible School) or a family conference! The choice is yours! The topic of dreams fascinates nearly everyone, and most people wonder if their dreams have meaning. Imagine learning that this is one of the primary ways God speaks to us! It’s another way we learn to hear God’s voice.  Kids are huge dreamers.  They need to know God is speaking to them in the night.  For more information and pricing visit Kids in Ministry’s website here.